en-crypted out of the unimaginable



NGE is not mere superstition, it is also: position. potency. patterns. power.

there is indeed more to forgery than forging.

we present to you the





We re-present the original Guilds of the Gothic. The Heilige Vehme. Court and council. The Feme, Five. The Fifth Rune in the Holy Futhorkh. Rita. Rite and Ritual. Right. The Pole. The Rod which must be planted firmly in the white foliage and white clouds. Congress of the Intellects. Where we judge wrong-doing and uplift the ‘Right’. The most basic oaths of the Fellows were what kept them pure, now, according to Master Engineer & most venerable High Lord  Nickes de Landus, being further improved away from human fault by Cryptographic Technology.




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